Administrations, Lockouts & Receiverships

Lockouts for receivership and liquidation situations are usually extremely sensitive for any business.

The situation is made even more complex when shareholders, workers or staff are still relying on the business or property for their income.

The most important task for the administrators is to secure the business and all its assets with minimal risk to all involved. Gold Security Management has over 20 years’ experience within this sector. Our experienced personnel will secure all assets in a professional manner, and understand how to find a resolution.

Our security personnel arrive on site and are trained to manage this potentially volatile environment. We offer this premium service 24/7/365 days per year, ranging from surveillance, uniformed security guards, site rekeying, property patrol checks and stock removal.

Depending on your requirements and the type of the job, Gold Security Management will assign you with the appropriate number of security guards fully equipped with the tools needed to get the job done.

These tools include mobile phones, two-way radios, video recorders and more. Gold Security Management has the experience, expertise and people needed to ensure you are 100% secure in all situations. By failing to make the right decisions you are exposing yourself and your business.

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