Building Sites & Uniformed Guards

Quite often business owners do not consider security as an investment, that is until they have suffered losses due to lack of protection.

Most construction sites are exposed to theft as they are left unattended overnight or during holiday periods.

Insurance companies often refuse to provide cover to construction sites that do not have security guards deployed on site. Don’t risk any construction damage or loss of building assets.

Gold Security Management understand the importance of a highly visible, proactive approach when protecting property in the public eye. We have 35 years’ experience in deploying a single guard through to a large team of officers, for short term or permanent ongoing asset protection.

Gold Security Management use security probe points to control and manage static guards on all their sites. Security manager’s check probe point reports weekly. This way, we make sure that security guards are completing their tasks per our high standards.

Gold Security Management supply static guard services for:

  • Construction sites
  • Office and other commercial premises
  • Shopping malls and centres
  • Warehouses and storage yards
  • ID checkpoints
  • Schools, Colleges and Hospitals; &
  • Retail stores

Call us now or contact us through our website and we will arrange a meeting and inform you about our services offering. For an obligation, free security assessment contact Gold Security Management today.

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