Security Training

Gold Security Management have trained thousands of security personnel over the past 38 years.

We ensure that our team members are fully compliant with N.S.W licensing and training standards.

But we take our teams training further by focussing on training not provided in the normal security license course.

Our management team have over 200 years combined experience that has been developed into comprehensive training courses our staff regularly undergo.

Some of the areas focused on are listed below:

  • Effective Communication Skills (Active Listening Skills, Body Language & Cultural Awareness)
  • Customer service
  • First Aid
  • Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
  • Respond to a security risk situation
  • Work as part of a security team
  • Provide security services to clients
  • Give evidence in court
  • Manage conflict through negotiation
  • Protect safety of persons
  • Control access to and exit from premises
  • Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
  • Operate basic security equipment
  • Patrol premises
  • Use communication systems
  • Consistency in Courtesy & Customer Attentiveness
  • Situational & Environmental Awareness
  • Identification of Escalating Conflict Triggers
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies – Stages and Signs of Conflict
  • Verbal De-Escalation Techniques – Dealing with Aggression
  • Stance and positioning during engagement
  • Service Professionalism & The Importance of First Impressions
  • Self-Management Under Pressure – Emotional Intelligence
  • “Friendly Not Familiar” – Managing Complacency on shift
  • Security services in the gaming room – effective vs unobtrusive
  • Incident register requirements (Sec 56 Liquor Act vs Sec 37 Security Industry Amendment Regs)
  • Incident escalation & communications plans – Information sharing
  • Practical training on the three-approved restraint and removal techniques and competency assessment.

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